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Talent Assessment

Getting the right people into your organisation is key with targeted talent assessment. Poor talent selection leads to reduced retention, increased costs and reduced productivity. At worst it can significantly affect relationships in teams, with clients and with stakeholders that can cost the organisation substantially more in the longer term.

Overall poor talent selection is bad news for the organisation.

Simple steps to enhance talent selection accuracy and ensure best practice can save the organisation significant money, time and effort in the long term.

Good talent selection is a science. Using experts in the science of talent assessment equipped with the most validated tools increases your capacity to make the right decisions around hiring that directly affect the bottom line and performance of your business. We have a proven record of ROI for our clients.

The services we provide to assist the hiring process are:

1. Selection process review and recommendations

If you are unsure if your selection process is fair and accurate, or if you are looking for an objective set of eyes to look over candidates for a particular role – we provide this service to bring the sought after objectivity to your selection process.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of different industries from pharmaceutical to animation, and have been involved in various selection processes for such roles. 

Objectivity in the selection process is key, sticking to the core competencies and reducing any unconscious biases that may be present. Using an external source for the selection process can assist in making the process as objective as possible.

2. Access to a range of psychometric tools

Psychometrics are assessments used to measure an individual’s mental capabilities and processes. These can range from assessments on emotional intelligence and personality to ability and aptitude. Psychometrics allow for the quantitative and standardised assessment of psychological processes. 

One of the benefits of using these assessments is that the individual’s result is compared to a standard rather than to the other candidates being recruited, therefore making the process much fairer and more accurate.

Recruiters are always seeking the employee that is best suited to the role on a qualification level but also on a psychological level. CV’s and qualifications can give a baseline understanding of the individual but to elevate this to a deeper understanding of the individual with some psychometric assessments can be hugely beneficial.

3. Assessment centre

We individualise this process per client. We provide the design and delivery of the full assessment centre. We facilitate the candidate screening, full profiling & follow up candidate developmental recommendations for new hires. We will source the assessments you are looking to deliver to your candidates and we can provide this service virtually or in-person.

If you’re interested in one of the Talent Assessment services we provide above,  please reach out to us using the contact form below: