Strengths Profile Accreditation Training

Leverage your strengths to unlock performance, energy and potential. Everyone has strengths and the potential to further develop them. Research shows that knowing and growing our strengths helps us feel energised and engaged. We learn faster, perform better and strive to do our best. Realising strengths and the energy that fuels them is a natural route to enhancing business outcomes.

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The 2016 Gallup State of the Global Workforce report showed some amazing results from using strengths-based interventions on work group performance.  The survey covered 1.2 million employees in 22 organisations in seven industries and across 45 countries.  Ninety percent of the work groups studied had performance increases such as sales, profits, engagement, turnover and safety.

Ultimately, the strengths-based management approach is shown to improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity in all areas. If you are keen to leverage this approach, completing the Strengths Profile Accreditation can help you to maximise this opportunity and unlock the potential of individuals in your organisation.

Licensed by CAPP, this programme gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the history of positive psychology/review of various theoretical perspectives on Strengths 
  • Take your own Strengths Profile 
  • Appreciate the concept of Realised Strengths, Unrealised Strengths and Learned Behaviours 
  • Access the Introductory, Expert and Team Profiles 
  • Understand the reliability and validity of the instrument
  • Practice giving feedback and interpreting results.


Accreditation enables you to confidently understand, interpret and debrief the Strength Profile Reports and facilitate positive, strengths-based coaching and development conversations.

This training has 2 options, this can be done fully online in your own time or you can do an in-person accreditation. The training allows you to build understanding of the concepts of strengths and how can integrate the Strengths Profile tool and strengths coaching into your practice.

Online Accreditation:
The online accreditation can be done all year round, in your own time. There are 8 modules to complete which totals to 17 hours of learning, all to be done at your own pace.

The final aspect of the online accreditation is an observed feedback practice with a Strengths Assessor where you will be guided and supported in your practice and receive objective feedback to support your development.

In Person Accreditation:
The in person accreditation will consist of a 2 day classroom where learning will be done and the content will be explored with the group. This gives the opportunity to have in-depth discussions and opportunities to networking with similar minded individuals.

Both options include all strengths profile materials, 2 expert profiles for training, a full personalised expert profile pre-training and one to one debrief with an experienced strengths coach.

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