Here in Vitae Consulting we are very passionate about developing people and helping people work towards maximising their potential. Therefore, one of the services we offer is the opportunity to complete one or more Psychometric Assessments and we provide feedback relating to your results. 

Psychometrics are assessments used to measure an individual’s mental capabilities and processes. These can range from assessments on emotional intelligence right through to personality. Psychometrics allow for the quantitative and standardised assessments of psychological processes. These can be a great baseline to work on understanding self and building on this for personal and professional development.

The Psychometric Assessments we provide are:

1. EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

2. Strengths Profile (Strengths)

3. MBTI (Personality)

4. Hogan Personality Assessment (Personality)

EQ-i 2.0 Logo Certified Psychometrics Vitae Consulting
Strengths Profile Accreditation Psychometrics Vitae Consulting
MBTI Workshop Psychometrics Vitae Consulting
Hogan Personality Assessment Psychometrics Vitae Consulting

If you are interested in taking one of our Psychometric Assessments and receive a 1-2-1 feedback from one of our expert Occupations Psychologists for your own development, please fill out the contact form below and will will contact you to get this booked in.