MBTI Feedback Session - Vitae Consulting
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MBTI Feedback Session

MBTI Framework

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment that indicates your personality type. This is based on four fundamental dimensions of individual difference:

  1. Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I): where you get your energy from
  2. Sensing (S) – Intuition (N): the kind of information you prefer to gather and trust
  3. Thinking (T) – Feeling (F): the process you prefer to use when making decisions
  4. Judging (J) – Perceiving (P): how you prefer to deal with the world around you

These dimensions create 16 types and knowing your type can be a very beneficial resource for your own self-awareness and also in learning how to interact more effectively with others.

In Vitae Consulting, we use this personality framework to in a variety of training sessions for both individuals and teams. Example of the use of the framework include; understanding and leveraging from difference, applications in communication, remote working, leadership style, understanding stress reactions, managing transition and change, just to name a few. Therefore, there are a variety of applications of the MBTI framework to personal and business issues, and these can be revisited over time as new challenges arise.

  • Have you ever wondered why your colleague has a daily, weekly and monthly schedule whereas you like to work from day to day?
  • Have you wondered why you are so drained after a 2 hour meeting and need your own space but your colleagues then head out together for lunch?

These are the kinds of questions that the MBTI framework can bring clarity and awareness too, our individual differences. It is more than just a personality questionnaire as the framework can provide a common language for understanding and describing the interpersonal differences between individuals and teams. Our Organisational Psychologists are accredited with the Myers Briggs Company (formerly OPP) for the MBTI Step I and Step II. The step II simply goes into more depth on the MBTI and can very useful for more senior teams.