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organisational psychologists


Getting the right people into your organisation is key. We offer experienced, neutral guidance and support to organisations at all stages of the selection process. At Vitae we consistently exceed expectations for our clients by harnessing best practice, validated tools and significant experience.



Each organisation requires bespoke solutions. Our interventions range from leadership development to team coaching to informative workshops. All our development interventions are designed to meet the individual needs of the client. We marry our experience in design and delivery with each organisations specific set of needs.

HR and Manager Support Services

We at Vitae Consulting pride ourselves in supporting the HR function within the organisation. We provide HR coaching, training, resource access, training credits and tool updates. We also run HR support circles to encourage peer to peer learning and development.

organisational psychologists

Who We Are

Vitae Consulting are leading experts in the area of Work and Organisational Psychology and your neutral partners in applying the best of psychological theory and practice to your organisation.

What We Do

Vitae Consulting is passionate about identifying and maximising the potential of individuals and teams and ultimately supporting the organisation.

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