Executive coaching - Vitae Consulting
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Executive coaching

The Vitae Consulting executive coaching experience is completely confidential and very personal; delving into your conscious and unconscious values, beliefs, motivators and sense of identity.

For your Executive Coaching Experience to be successful you need to consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, Vitae Consulting will work with you then using a wide range of techniques and tools to help you answer what you want to achieve. with and the sort of background, training and experience you expect your coach to have.

We’re happy to talk to you about your executive coaching needs on a no-obligation basis so you can judge whether you have found the right coach for you.

We offer one-off 2 hour face-to-face coaching sessions on a particular issue, or executive coaching on an ongoing basis. A popular option is to take a block of 6 hours of coaching, delivered as a mix of face-to-face, online, and/or telephone sessions.


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