Career Coaching

Career Coaching is an area of Organisational Psychology that “enables people to recognise and utilise their resources to make career-related decisions and manage career-related problems”. This concept applies to the work-related part of a person’s life, but this may also have additional considerations for the person’s non-work life, as coaching is holistic and cannot separate work and non-work impacts.

Are you unsure if you are on the right career path? Are you looking for a change in career but have no idea where to begin? 

Career Coaching Vitae Consulting

This process has a number of steps but the main aim is to create a space for the coachee to learn more about themselves so they are better prepared to make a fully conscious decision on what career path may suit them best.

Career Coaching is different to career guidance. This is because the core principle of career coaching is that the coachee / client is the expert, the coach is simply facilitating and empowering the individual to arrive at their own conclusions. Whereas, in career guidance the expert is not the coachee but the individual they pay to provide the expertise.

Our Career Coaching Package includes:

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