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Talent Selection

Getting the right people into your organisation is key.

Poor talent selection leads to reduced retention, increased costs and reduced productivity. At worst it can significantly affect relationships in teams, with clients and with stakeholders that can cost the organisation substantially more in the longer term.


Overall poor talent selection is bad news for the organisation.


Simple steps to enhance talent selection accuracy and ensure best practice can save the organisation significant money, time and effort in the long term.

Good talent selection is a science

Using experts in the science of talent assessment equipped with the most validated tools increases your capacity to make the right decisions around hiring that directly affect the bottom line and performance of your business. We have a proven record of ROI for our clients.

What we offer:


  • Selection process review and recommendations


  • Access to a range of psychometric tools including HR accreditation and training in these tools.


  • Assessment centre design and delivery


  • Candidate screening and full profiling


  • Follow up candidate developmental recommendations for new hires