Psychometric assessment helps organisations to select the most suitable candidate for a role by providing a scientific lens to objectively assess candidates.  Vitae Consulting are recognised as leaders in the field of psychometrics.  Anne Hennessy is the Irish trainer of MBTI, 16pf, Level B and the Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0, and her knowledge is unparalleled.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been identified as the critical element which makes good leaders great. EI is about understanding your feelings, emotions and your impact on others. It is something that can be grown and developed over time through coaching and assessment.

Vitae Consulitng is an accredited trainer of the EQI-i 2.0 the leading emotional intelligence instrument. Attending accreditation will qualify you not only in the EQ-i 2.0 but also the 360 and the Leadership Instruments.

Coaching is a facilitative process aimed at unlocking an individual’s potential to maximise their performance. The process of discussion and reflection facilitates the performance, learning and development of another.

Teams are an integral part of organisations and the linchpin of organisational success. Our team development workshops are aimed at building trustful relationships between members, increasing self- and team-awareness, leveraging from strengths and differences which allows teams to achieve their objectives.

Are you at a career crossroads? Are you considering your next career move? Are you considering applying for a promotion? Are you considering re-training?  Career Coaching, a facilitated non-directive process can help you to make the right decision if you answered “Yes” to any of the above.

Vitae Consulting has been providing Outplacement services to organisations and individuals for over 12 years. Focused on listening to the employee and their needs and providing practical help that guides the individual through this transition.